From My Heart

From My Heart

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I must say that I do not like to live in this region when the dirt blows!!!  I have said many times if I was on the beach or in a beach house the wind could blow all day long every day while I sit and watch the waves crashing into the shore but then I have to wonder if I did live in that environment would I wish to live somewhere else?!  Most likely I would still complain about the wind or something or someone else.  That's just how we are, right?

I have been wondering the last few days if there is more to life than I wish and I want.  God did not intend for us to be unsatisfied with the blessings He gives us.  Umm, I think I just called the wind a blessing!?  But maybe in some God-given way it is.  Maybe He is preparing the parched ground for something that we do not know about and the only way to do that is to make the wind blow at 60+ mph so that it can receive what He gives.  I believe we go through circumstances so that we will come out on the other side stronger and better equipped for our future.  I believe God wants what is best for us and there are times He has to clean out our closets in order to show us the treasures that are hidden inside ourselves.  I believe that God calls us not to be comfortable with life but to be uncomfortable so that we will know that need for Him.  I also believe that He wants us to be satisfied where ever we are and with what ever we have.  I am always saying when this happens or what if this or that, I do not believe that is where God wants my thoughts to be!   God wants my thoughts to be here and now, in the present, focused wholly on Him and the many, many, many blessings He has bestowed on me!

I think we as humans are so guilty of getting caught up in the things of the world and we forget the things of the Kingdom.  Man oh man I am SO guilty of this!!  I let my anger and frustrations get the best of me too often.  I forget that God loves and forgives me so that I will love and forgive others.  Who exactly do I think I am to look at someone and judge them, whether it be because they used foul language or they have on dirty clothes or their hair is fixed crazy or they do things different than me.  We went to the Rock and Worship Roadshow this past weekend and there were some teenagers sitting in the row in front of us, they began to make fun of someone, that was a few rows down, that was fully and completely worshipping God in their own way.  These kids went so far as to pull out their phone and video this man's worship to the Lord.  This act completely broke me!!!  I have begun to question myself, wondering how many times has that been me!  I cannot remember any exact times when I have pulled out my phone and snapped a pic or video but maybe I have posted gripes on facebook or twitter or even grumbled under my breath or went home and told my husband or another friend about an incident whether it be griping or making fun, I know there have been far too many, and I saw the need to repent of my awful judgements.  It makes me question why we, as human beings, feel the need to put others down, and not only do we feel the need but often times we get satisfaction from doing it!  Is it because I am not satisfied with something in my own life?  Is it because I am feeling low about myself that I feel the need to put someone else down in order to make me feel better?  Is it because I am feeling superior to someone else and I need to feed my own ego?  Why can we not acknowledge the immense blessings that our gracious, heavenly Father has bestowed upon us and be content with just that?  That is what I want to strive for in my life.  I pray that God will make me aware of my blessings and also content with them, and make the worldly things obsolete, that I will see good in each and every person and situation, no matter what kind of mood I am in!!  I am far from this but it is an obtainable goal through Christ Jesus, my Lord and Savior!!!  (And thankfully, I get a fresh start each time I fail!! ;))

I pray you recognize more of your blessings today and less of the worldly speed bumps and that you are content with what God blesses you with!!!

God Bless,

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