From My Heart

From My Heart

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Zambia Misson Trip Day 3- London

June 21, 2013

Daily Scripture (typed exactly like it was sent): Philippians 4:6 says don't worry about anything, instead PRAY about everything. Tell God what you need: and thank him for what he has done. AMEN! So stay the course. Keep believing!! You may be tired, discouraged and frustrated but don't give up... OUR GOD IS FAITHFUL!!! Happy Friday... Have a wonderful weekend!

(I am getting glory bumps just typing this and remembering what all we encountered that day! (Grin))

We spent the night in the airport. I laid down in 2 hard plastic chairs and crashed. When I woke up I noticed people around Grace and me (she was asleep with her feet at my head in the next two chairs). I went around to get my glasses on the other side of the chairs from where we were sleeping. I slipped my glasses on, I looked up and the very first thing I saw was a girl dressed in black pants, with a black hoodie, with the hood on her head, with dark eyes, looking at me from under her hood. The stare and blankness in her eyes made me gasp and look away. I walked over to Cody, and he told me that he had been up all night because that girl and another girl and some guys had been hovering around Grace and me. He thought they were trying to steal my phone, and saw them actually touch Grace's ipod. One of the girls even slept on the floor under the chairs I was sleeping in! I went to the bathroom to freshen up, while in there I thought why would someone do that?! I IMMEDIATELY felt the Holy Spirit say "There is evil all around you." Then the face of that girl flashed into my head followed by other small demon like people wearing black hoodies over their faces. I remember when Cody was telling me what happened I turned and looked at her again and she was still staring at me with the same look and she never took her eyes off of us. I started praying for God's angels to surround our entire group and for His safety and guidance. I shared my thoughts with Gaylene before I left the restroom. When I went back to where we "camped out" one girl had moved from the floor and was in the chair across from Grace (I never saw this one's face it was covered every time I looked at her), the other with the evil stare was laying down where I had slept, in the same position I was sleeping in. I could feel such a heaviness around us that I felt like I was suffocating! I went to Grace, she was still sleeping, and began to pray God's protection over her; Cody saw me and joined in agreement with me. I told Cody we must move NOW. I woke Grace up, we gathered our group and we moved. Gaylene told me that she was suddenly woken up by pain in her calves; it felt as if someone/something was grabbing them and twisting her muscles. She could physically see the knots being pulled on her calves (and she had finger-like bruises on her legs later that day!) The enemy was certainly lurking in our presence. I am not sure that I have ever seen the enemy in such a way or felt it as I did this morning!

Even though Gaylene was woken up by the enemy attacks she also had a clear direction from God as to what we should do. We decided to change our flights to Monday so that we could stay together. As I write these words on these pages I am sitting in the hotel lobby waiting on our rooms to be available. Everyone is asleep in the lobby except Gaylene, Jeanne, Rusty and myself. I forgot to write something that happened late last night- We went to the only open store in the airport to get food because we had not eaten since about 2pm, the guy checking us out asked David about our shirts (I am Second). When David explained it to him he did not step away as if we were lepers, instead he was fascinated by our mission, and boldness. Later Cody went back to the store, and he once again checked him out, he saw Cody's I am Second bracelet, and ASKED Cody if he could have it to wear!! Cody gladly gave it away! That encounter made the entire days mis-happenings worth it. Thank you God!!

We were told that we had to claim our luggage before we left or it would be destroyed. So Gaylene, Rusty, David, Jeanne, Kailey and myself went through security to get it. As we were waiting to be escorted to the baggage claim I was standing by an airport worker (she was actually standing behind me) I noticed her when we walked into the room, she was smiling and I thought she had a glow about her but I did not notice that she was behind me after we went through the scanner thing. She said to me (behind my back) "You are on a mission." It was NOT a question she was asking- it was a statement! I thought Gaylene had already talked to her and told her; later I asked Gaylene and she said no she had not talked to her or told anyone what we were there for (in fact she said she never even saw the lady!)! I said to her "Yes we are.", then she asked where we were going next, I told her and then said "God must have had a different plan for us" and she did not respond, just smiled. As we turned to leave that area she stepped around the corner and yelled "I'll see you in Heaven!" That statement surprised me! As I journal about this now, hours later, the image of her face peeking around the corner pops back into my mind. As I was sharing this encounter with the kids in the taxi, on the way to the hotel, JT says, "What if she was an angel!?" We all believe that she was sent from God to assure us HE IS IN CONTROL! When we got to baggage claim they told us that all of our luggage was in storage and could stay there, and it would not be destroyed, except David's three bags were on the carousel already. David was the only person that did not pack an extra set of clothes in his carry-on (GRIN). God knows and is SO good!! We found David's bags and headed to the hotel. Since our rooms were not ready yet we decided to eat at the hotel buffet. As I was going to get my plate our waiter stopped me and asked "I am first since you are second?" Again God was using our shirts! I said "No, actually God is first and you and I are second." He asked if we are Christians because he was Roman Catholic, I said "well actually we are not either, we are Jesus." I got a funny look on that one (giggle)! He then asked if I would pray for him. That made me excited (maybe too excited!), I said "right now!" but he said no and asked if I would just remember him when I pray. His name is Kevin and he has loans that need to be paid off.
Father, I know that you are faithful and will provide for Kevin. You are a generous, loving, giving God, and I thank you for that. I pray that Kevin will grow in his relationship with you, and come to know you on a whole new level. I pray that he will always remember he is second to you. I pray, and plead the blood of Jesus over Kevin and his finances. In Jesus most holy name- Amen.
Kevin never came back to our table after that but as I sat and ate I could hear the Holy Spirit telling me to give him my I am Second bracelet. I kept looking for him so I could but I never could find him. As I got up to leave, he approached me again (confirmation?! I think YES!!) and said "please remember me in your prayers.". I asked him, "If I give you this bracelet will you wear it?", he said "Yes! Yes! Of course I will!". WOW!!! Thank you God! (grin)

We received some much needed rest today- in all aspects. Tomorrow our only plan is to go into the city, and wear our shirts, and to be Jesus. We are trusting Him to send us where He wants us to go. We, as a team, are growing closer and trusting each other more. I am ever so thankful for our heavenly Father's voice of discernment, and the strength He has provided each of us. Psalm 105:4 is unfolding before me as I trust in Him, and search for His strength continually, like never before. I praise my Father God for that! We close this day with a peace that I have not felt yet on this trip until today. I have so many things to be worshipful for, and ever so humble and thankful. I lay my head down to rest ever so thankful and excited to see what tomorrow shall bring.

I stand with arms high and heart abandoned, in awe of the one who gives it all. I stand, my soul Lord, to you surrendered. All I am is Yours!


  1. I am sitting at work reading this- and I too have glory bumps!! I am just crying with a huge grin on my face- God BLESSED you and USED you like never before!!! I am so thankful for your going!!! Thank you for sharing your journal entries- they touch my heart so much! Love you!!

  2. Thank you for sharing your heart with us. You are such a gifted writer, and your stories are such a blessing to those of us that read them. Love u