From My Heart

From My Heart

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Zambia Mission Trip Day 9- Monze, Zambia

June 27, 2013

Daily Scripture (exactly as it was sent): Until God opens the next door...praise him in the hallway!
1 Thessalonians 5:18 ... Give THANKS in all circumstances; for this is Gods will for you in Christ Jesus.

This morning we went to Pastor Kapapa's house to do some plumbing work. The guys got his family a toilet plumbed inside their house! :)

We then went back to Simukale Village to feed and play with the kids. I would've taken every kid out there a pb&j sandwich but I was told it just wasn't possible! We did take extra and give to the cooks though. They said they were nice (so they liked them)! They love trying American food. Grace took some candy (sweets is what they call it) to give to the kids- she got mobbed and Miss Gaylene had to save her. Pastor Kapapa's kids came with us today. I think Grace liked having them there because they speak English and Tonga. One girl, named Veronica, followed Grace every where, she is 13 and speaks good English also. We were told she needs a sponsor and Grace said she would like for us to sponsor her. A sponsor helps pay for the child's meal each day, their school fees and medical expenses. I was drawn to a 4 year old boy named Jhalem. His smile out shined the sun! He is an ornery little guy- perhaps that's why I was so taken by him! He is also needing a sponsor. Every one loved to have their picture taken and then see it on our cameras. When I pull out my picture album that I brought of our friends and family they all pile on top of one another just to get a glimpse. As little as each one has they still have an unspeakable joy! It truly is amazing!! When you give them something they take it, they do not say I don't like that color or flavor. They always want more of every thing but are also happy to share- no matter how big or small the amount. It is very dry here, very dusty and dirty. Many do not have homes so they build fires to keep them warm at night. There is also a very heavy smoke smell at all times. It really does make me realize how blessed we are. Again today my eyes filled with tears as we hugged and said good-bye. Grace's friend Veronica, asked if we will be back next year. I pray by the grace of God we are able to return. I cannot wait to bring Justice and Hartly, as I looked into the precious eyes of these kids I longed for JC and Hartly to be here with us, learning and loving- some day soon!! A day and a half was just not enough time but for whatever reason it is what God wanted and for that reason I am okay. Grace also told me that she wants to come back again next summer! My heart already aches knowing we will not see them tomorrow.

Until our next trip I will praise Him in the hallway!!


Grace and Veronica

Jhalem and Me

Grace showing her pictures from home.

If you would like more information on becoming a sponsor for a child please visit

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