From My Heart

From My Heart

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Zambia Bound Day 1

The weekend before we left for Zambia I worked a Women's Walk to Emmaus, one of our walk traditions is that a member of the prayer team sends a text message to each team member telling them the verse of the day and which team member to pray for that day, this happens every day leading up to the walk and after the walk is over the messages stop...usually...

Our plane was scheduled to leave at 3:30 on June 19, 2 days after the walk ended, at 8:12 that morning I received a text from the lady sending out the walk texts, this is what it said: GOOD MORNING!!!! I feel lead to continue to send out the morning text :) if you would like to be removed from the list for any reason just please text me and let me know. Scripture of the day...1 Chronicles 16:11...Search for the Lord and all his strength; continually seek him.

My first thought was I need to text her to stop the texts since we are going to be gone and we will get charged for them, but I really will miss not getting them. My next thought was Hey! that's the same wording, different verse reference, of my scripture for this year, Search for the Lord and for his strength; continually seek him. Psalm 105:4. Okay God... Then I continued on with what I was doing at the time. When we arrived at Dallas airport it crossed my mind again to stop the texts but I really felt something telling me not to. I can look back now and see it was the Holy Spirit telling me not to because God was going to use every single text every day we were gone!

I kept a journal while we were gone and I have decided to share my journal entries with you on my blog. I have had so may people ask about our time away, and to be honest I cannot just give you a quick, couple minutes answer, I could go on for hours telling you everything that happened and everything God did during our time away, so I thought this would be the best way to share our experiences. I will also be sharing the verse that I received via text each day so that you can see how God worked through people that didn't even know He was working through them! :)

I hope you enjoy my next few blogs!! :)

God Bless,

Grace's first time to fly!! (Leaving Lubbock)

The plane we took to London.

Leaving Dallas headed to London. She loves flying!!

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  1. I'm so glad you are going to do this! I have been wanting to talk to you about your trip so this will be perfect!!!