From My Heart

From My Heart

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Stepping Into Change

For the past seven weeks I have been doing Beth Moore's Bible Study about the book of James. I have done several Bible studies in the past and each of them opened my eyes to something new but this time not only were my eyes opened wide but my whole world was shaken and laid broken around me. I feel as if I have been made new again!! I do not like to sugar coat things when I am talking to others and I also do not like things sugar coated when they are spoken to me. Well James was not one to sugar coat by any means (my kind of guy) and often times I found myself looking down at my toes to make sure they were still there!! I even wondered at one point in the lessons if God had told Beth about me!? I'm telling y'all this Bible study, for me, was life changing!!!

A few things that really spoke to me were CHALLENGE = CHANGE, Satan wants my faith and Keep looking for 1 small rain cloud because the rains will come!!!

I am challenged every morning when my feet hit the floor. My challenges may not be as big as your challenges but we all have them and we can either give up or face them head on. It may seem easier to give up at some moment in time but really in the end it probably makes life harder. I love a good challenge and I LOVE to win!!! But change is not as easy for me to accept sometimes. God requires us to change so that we can become what He designed us to be. I want to be what God wants me to be, even it that does mean change on my part!!!

"Satan wants my faith." Think about this for a minute, maybe even say it again out loud. This is powerful and true!! Just to think that Satan wants any part of me makes me realize that he wants it for a reason. If it wasn't going to injure his pride in someway or exalt God in some way then Satan would not give it a second thought but if he wants it, it must be something worth having, something GRAND, something that I need to hold on to!! I pray that I remember this next time I am going through a challenge so that I do not just throw the towel in and you do the same!!

"Keep looking for 1 small rain cloud because the rains will come!" This applies to our land and our life. Do not give up, keep on keeping on because I know that I know that I know that God will send the rain, whether it be healing rain on your heart, soul and spirit or thirsting rain on our parched land. God is a faithful God and He loves us and wants what is the ultimate best for our lives. He never forgets about you and He will never stop loving you! It makes my ears burn and my heart ache when I hear people say "God is punishing me", REALLY because you must not serve the same God I serve!! My God is a loving, gentle God and yes we will have hardships and droughts but it is not because God is angry with you! It is because God wants us to want Him, He wants a real relationship with each of us and He wants to build us up and make us strong so that we can speak of His goodness to others. He wants to see good changes in all of us. There have been areas of my life recently where I am between the rains but I am holding on to God's mighty promise that He will send us an amazing rain, in fact, I think I can see some rain clouds rolling in!

There were many more things that Beth Moore said during the past seven weeks that chipped away at my outer shell and caused some cracks, actually the first session of the study caused a lot of cracks and each week it continued until huge chunks were plummeting to the ground around me! Remember in one of my past blogs my word for this year...CHANGE...well after the past seven weeks I can say that I have taken some major steps in that direction.

And just in case Beth Moore ever does stumble across this blog post... Thank you my dear, sweet friend for your obedience to God in writing exactly what I needed to hear during this season of my life. You truly are a God-send and you will forever hold a special place in my heart!!

God bless,

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