From My Heart

From My Heart

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Audience of 1

Everyone is busy! Everyone has someone or something pulling them one way or the other! We cannot do everything or be everywhere!

This is a hard concept for many of us to understand, myself included. I want to do everything and be everywhere but it is absolutely not possible to do! In my perfect world I am always on time, I never have to say no, my house is always spotless and my laundry is always washed, folded, put up and never piled up!!! My world is not perfect, in fact it is FAR from it!! I have a tendency to let the things on my to-do list get the best of me, I start to feel guilty because my laundry isn't done or I missed someones birthday or, or, or...
I get caught up in all the busyness and I forget about God! He is the one person or thing that isn't pulling me in all different directions, yes He is there watching, protecting and guiding but He is also waiting, waiting on me to recognize His presence in all of the busyness, and ironically He is the only one that matters in all of it!!! He is the one that even when I forget about Him He doesn't leave me or hold a grudge against me. He is the one that really loves me without limitations. He is our audience of 1 and He is the only one we need to make happy!!!

In this play, that we call life, God is the director and we are His actors, we are just a spit in the wind when it comes down to it. We have a short time to recognize and obey our creator. I was told by a wise teacher in high school "There are no small parts, just small actors". Isn't that how our lives are on this stage, Earth? God created us with the plan that we would all worship Him and glorify Him in our daily roles, we don't always live up to that part though! I fail miserably, daily!! But God doesn't care, He still helps me up, holds me in the palm of His hand and loving says "It's ok my child, try again!" When I think about God doing that I also think who in my life says that to me. A few characters come to mind but then I think if I hurt them over and over and over on a daily basis, like I do to God, would they continue to love and forgive me? I don't think they would, they may say they do but deep down in the honest places of our souls that hurt lingers and probably will eventually find a pathway back up into our minds, maybe the next time we are hurt by them. God isn't that way though, He deeply loves us and deeply forgives us and there is no pathway to be found after we earnestly seek that love and forgiveness.

So if God can love us and forgive us in such an inconceivable way then why are we not more concerned about performing better for Him and less for the people and things around us when they will NEVER be able to do the unimaginable in our lives the way God can and will?! Why do we care about the audience of many when we only need to worry about the audience of THE ONE?!

I listen to the music on my iTunes a lot, I put it on shuffle and it plays random songs but the past couple of weeks there is one song that has been playing more than the others, in fact many times it is the first song that plays when I start it. It's called Do Everything by Steven Curtis Chapman, I do not think this is a coincidence at all that this songs plays often, I think God is reminding that He is my audience of 1 and He is the only one I need to please. If I please Him above all else the other stuff will fall into place!!!

I want to share the song with you to remind you also!

God bless,

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  1. I think I need to print this and post it on my mirror to remind myself every morning only to strive to please that AUDIENCE OF 1!!!! Thank you D!!! Love ya!