From My Heart

From My Heart

Friday, June 22, 2012

When We Hurt

A few weeks ago my 5year old son had his tonsils and adnoids out and tubes put in his ears. The doctors told us it was a simple procedure and he would stay a few hours after, eat a popcicle and go home. This was our first time going through any kind of surgery with any of our kids, we have had nephews go through the same surgeries and they did ok so I thought there really wasn't much to worry about.

The doctor came out after about 30 minutes and told us that the surgery went well and he was in recovery and we would get to see him in a little bit. Soon after we were called back to his room where he was sleeping. It wasn't long before he woke up and started throwing up, he couldn't keep anything down and all he wanted to do was sleep. What was supposed to be a six hour stay turned into a 14 hour stay. When we finally got home we thought he was over the hump and on the mend but then his fever spiked. We called the Doctor and he suggested we keep a close eye on him for the time being. The next morning he got up and felt a little better but then after lunch he started throwing up again, once again he couldn't keep anything down, not even his nausea and pain meds. I called the Doctor again and this time he said to bring him to the ER and he would have him admited. We ended up spending the night in the hospital with my son on an IV. He was so weak when the nurses stuck him for the IV he didn't even move. Before we took him back to the hospital he told his grandpa that he wanted to go to the hospital, that's how bad he felt!!

As a mother I wanted to take the pain from my son and carry it for him, watching him go through such pain and not being able to do anything was very hard. I found myself thinking many times, God I would rather have to go through this myself than stand here watching him go through it and not be able to fix it or make him feel better. I shed tears of hurt for him but that didn't ease his pain any!! After this thought went through my head a few times I heard God whispering to me, "I know how you feel, Beloved!" I began to realize that as much as I was hurting for my son and wished that I could do something, anything for him, God was hurting even more for his (my) son and wanted to do more for him. That's what God does...He hurts when we hurt, He weeps when we weep and the only thing He can do is hold us in His arms until the pain subsides.

As I laid in the hospital bed with my arms wrapped around my son, whispering prayers over him I got a vision in my mind of God sitting in the same hospital bed with us, with His arms wrapped around my son and me, whispering love, peace and healing over us.

So let me say to you when you are going through hurts and hardships remember that God is there with His loving, protective arms wrapped around you, speaking peace, strength and healing into your heart. He will never leave you as long as you call on Him.

He will cover you with his feathers. He will shelter you with his wings. His faithful promises are your armor and protection. Psalm 91:4

God bless,

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